FaceBook MobWars New Cheat: Automatic Friends Add in Facebook Technique by using iMacros!

By this way you can add a lot of friends in half an hour from MobWars wall:
1. You need to add some friends from MobWars wall [http://www.facebook.com/wall.php?id=8743457343] manually while it does not show you the CAPTCHA (strange mixture image) again.
2. You need to download and install iMacros in your browser (I use mozilla version) [http://www.iopus.com/iMacros/firefox/]
3. Open this link in your browser: [Click Here]
create “MW-AddFromWall.js” in Macros folder of iMacros (You can find it in iMacros>Edit>Options>Paths):

/* ———– Begin “MW-AddFromWall.js” ———– */
/* Copyright: Soroush Dalili (soroush.secproject.com) Jan 2009 */
var startPage = 20; // You can change this value to your page number!
var jsNewLine=”\n”;
var MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = “CODE:”;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”SET !ERRORIGNORE YES” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=Off” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”URL GOTO=http://www.facebook.com/wall.php?id=8743457343&page={{PageNumber}}” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”WAIT SECONDS=2″;
var MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = “CODE:”;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”SET !ERRORIGNORE YES” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=Off” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS={{LinkNumber}} TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://www.facebook.com/s.php?k=100000080*” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Add<SP>as<SP>Friend” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=SELECT ATTR=ID:add_to_friend_list_widget_select_1276215665 CONTENT=%choose” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:BUTTON ATTR=ID:dialog_button1″ + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”WAIT SECONDS=1″;
var i1=0;
var i2=0;
var j=0;
var p=0;
iimSet (“-var_PageNumber”, p);
i1 = iimPlay(MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code);
iimSet (“-var_LinkNumber”, j);
i2 = iimPlay(MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code);
/* Copyright: Soroush Dalili (soroush.secproject.com) Jan 2009 */
/* ———– End “MW-AddFromWall.js” ———– */

Note: Sometimes you must close “firefox.exe” process manually after close it!

5 thoughts on “FaceBook MobWars New Cheat: Automatic Friends Add in Facebook Technique by using iMacros!

  1. Mark

    Can a variable be added to insert a custom message into the friend request, as well as preselect a “Friends Group” to add them to?

    Most people adding friends for mobwars need both – they will not friend a stranger unless “Mobwars” is included in the friend request, and most of us who add plenty of strangers have a friends group setup to limit access to the strangers to see our actual profiles.

    I always add the following to my friend requests:

    “Mobwars – Please click on “Join My Mob” on my profile page after friending me as no invitations are used via this method!”.

    And then I have a friends list called “mobwars” that I select to ensure they become part of the limited-access group I have setup for such purposes.

    The script works great in it’s current setup, but without these two additions it will be of limited effectiveness since people have no idea why you’re adding them a a friend.

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