Improve File Uploadersā€™ Protections – Bypass Methods- Rev. 1.0

Some new methods of bypassing file uploaders protections have been discussed. As an example bypassing by using: trailing spaces and dots, ā€œ::$data.ā€, direct Null char, IIS semi-colonĀ  bug, and so on.

Uploading files by using web applications is very common. However, there is always a high risk around this matter. In case of uploading a web-shell file which can be absolutely malicious, an attacker can get the same privilege of access as the web application to the server. In this paper, which is mostly around the Windows-based web applications, some general solutions for protecting against this type of attack have been suggested. Moreover, as a proof of concept, some of the most general protection methods and the way of bypassing them have been discussed.

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