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File in the hole! – HackPra slides

Last week, I had a talk in Bochum University about file upload vulnerabilities. I am going to share the slides and clips with you as they are already public via HackPra website:


I have been told that the video will be available soon as well. I really recommend that you see the other talks in that website too.

Here are my slides in different formats:

Download the Power Point format

Download the PDF format

In this talk, I had revealed some 0days as examples (vendors already know about these issues):

File Upload Protection bypass in FCKEditor 2.6.8 ASP version (Mostafa Azizi, Soroush Dalili) [Page 53 of Power Point file]

Denial of Service issue in FCKEditor 2.6.8/CKFinder 2.3 (Soroush Dalili) [Page 54 of Power Point file]

Directory Traversal in GleamTech Filevista (Soroush Dalili) [Page 22 of Power Point file]

You may be able to find similar issues in other web applications that have file upload functionality by using some of these methods.


Note: Quick patch for FCKEditor 2.6.8 File Upload Bypass:

In “config.asp”, wherever you have:

      ConfigAllowedExtensions.Add    “File”,”Extensions Here”

Change it to:

      ConfigAllowedExtensions.Add    “File”,”^(Extensions Here)$”