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Travian Game Patch – Finally!

Here are the details of recent security patch of Travian game: http://forum.travian.com/showthread.php?p=1728991

There was a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in hero’s mansion rename section. This issue was because of using “id” and “gid” input parameters at the same time. “gid” was used for loading the hero’s mansion, and “id” was used to insert a Javascript code. You can only see one of them as an input for a single file at the same time. However, I used them together and found this vulnerability:

http://sN.travian.EXT/build.php?gid=37&id=<script here>&rename

As there was a “httponly” flag for the cookies, it was not possible to hijack the sessions. However, we could still use it to do several things. The simplest one was to hijack the saved username/password from the browser. I should say that there was another issue with the login page last year based on which someone could create the Travian cookie and log into the system by the victims session.

There was also another issue with validation of unique email addresses by which a user could create several accounts with the same email address. It was sufficient to enter a “comma” in front of the email address to have a new valid email address. For example someone could register several times without having any problem in receiving the confirmation code by using “[email protected]”, “,[email protected]” , “,,[email protected]”, and so on.

Fortunately these issues have been patched after more than a year. This delay was only because of not having a direct reference to contact as no one/source was publicly responsible for the security issues.

These issues go back to June 2009. Related Link: http://soroush.secproject.com/blog/2009/11/travian-game-vulnerabilities-in-progress/

Note: I highly suggest the providers to put at least one email address in their contact page for normal bugs and security issues. They should also have a process to fix a security issue and give its credit to the finder(s) somehow (by putting the finder’s name in the website news, release notes, …) if they do not want to pay for their vulnerabilities! It is a pain when the security researchers can only see sale and marketing email addresses in many of the providers’ contact pages; and that’s why too many of these security issues are being published before having any patch every day.

Travian Game Vulnerabilities in progress…

3 weeks ago, I sent an email about some small but effective vulnerabilities in Travian online game to its providers. By using these vulnerabilities a player can make several accounts by the same email address (because of a logical flaw), and also, he/she can login to other players’ accounts (by using an XSS vulnerability which is completely proved).

Now, I’m still waiting for their final response as I don’t want to be harmful for them!