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My MDSec Blog Posts so far in 2020!

Lately I have only published blog posts through the MDSec website. I thought it might be a good idea to link what I have published so far here as well:

Covert Web Shells in .NET with Read-Only Web Paths

Analysis of CVE-2020-0605 – Code Execution using XPS Files in .NET

Introducing YSoSerial.Net April 2020 Improvements

A Security Review of SharePoint Site Pages

CVE-2020-0618: RCE in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Code injection in Workflows leading to SharePoint RCE (CVE-2020-0646)

COVID-19 has sadly affected many if not all of us. I hope everyone remains safe and we can all carry on the normal life we had before this crisis. Hopefully I can then publish more blog posts here as well.

My belief: 70% of websites are vulnerable

When I was searching for a ticket in nationalrail.co.uk website, I suddenly found an XSS and also a SQL Injection vulnerabilities in it.

I reported these two vulns. to its website just for having more security. And, I think these two vulnerabilities are fixed now.

However, I believe that still 70% of webistes are vulnerable against the OWASP TOP 10!

Also, I think you should read “Survey: Majority of Web sites vulnerable” as well.



Travian Game Vulnerabilities in progress…

3 weeks ago, I sent an email about some small but effective vulnerabilities in Travian online game to its providers. By using these vulnerabilities a player can make several accounts by the same email address (because of a logical flaw), and also, he/she can login to other players’ accounts (by using an XSS vulnerability which is completely proved).

Now, I’m still waiting for their final response as I don’t want to be harmful for them!