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Excel Advanced Search Add-In Application

This is a handy Excel Add-In which helps you to search/replace inside of your excel files better and simpler. The best thing about this Add-In is that it’s free and open source. Therefore, you can simply customize it for your needs.
Unfortunately the built-in search function of Microsoft Excel is too weak, and it cannot even do the simple tasks. Moreover, other useful search applications that can search/replace inside of Excel files are not free. As a result, I decided to write this tool in order to have more power in Excel searching process.
As this application is quite new, it is not free of fault. Please let me know if you find any issue. I will try to update this section in future in case of having a new release for this application.


– Accepting Regular Expressions
– Supporting Inclusion or Exclusion
– Case sensitivity option
– Selecting unique results option
– Ability to export the results to an Excel file
– Searching in multiple files at the same time
– Detecting opened Workbooks
– Flexible result view
– Having search and replace functionality
– Having Formula Schema option (currently it just have credit card number checker)
– Having logbook to keep the previous keywords
– Capable to search inside of different versions of Excel files


Version: 2.6.1
Date: 14 August 2010
Author: Soroush Dalili
Price: Free and open source!
Download Link: http://soroush.secproject.com/downloadable/excel_search_app.zip

Screen Shots: